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WATER - 'tipping point' a trigger of catastrophic & unsustainable ecological change
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Gweagal Shield
The Gweagal Shield
Return the Gweagal Shield Fund: The Gweagal People call for the British Museum to surrender Indigenous Gweagal shield.
A "shield that sums up the first violent encounters between the British and the Aboriginal people of Sydney in 1770. A bullet hole in the middle is a stark reminder that the Gweagal people of Botany Bay never ceded their land peacefully."
FInd audio Interview: Descendant of first contact says Australia was invaded 'by gunfire'

Rodney Kelly is crowdfunding so he can travel to the UK to meet with the British Museum and continue his campaign for the shield's return to Australia.
Dark Emu - Most important historical record of Australia since all time!
Dark Emu - describes “scenes all around the country of Aboriginal people engineering sophisticated dwellings and irrigation systems. They also describe the cultivation of vast areas of land for yam fields; and the harvesting, storage and milling of grain crops.”

It is the most important historical record reflecting colonial  'ambivalence' toward Aboringinal life-quality through organised agriculture and their pre-colonial community life-style.

'Dark Emu' challenges modern re-tellings of early Aboriginal history

Exploding the hunter-gatherer myth

Dark Emu is published by Magabala Books

Addressing History: The problem with the Australian Government proposals of Constitutional recognition is that the process is selective, upside down and inside out because it is discounting the marginalised, informal networks among First Nations people who are excluded from mainstream political discourse and who have no funds to voice their concerns  about "why" treaty first is a most logical and correct agenda to embark IF anything about Constitutional recognition is authentic.

Twitter #treatyfirst if you see establishing a criteria with and between First Nations people in Australia is a critical step forward for Australian's everywhere as part of their claim to Sovereignty for the Unity of tribes within this nation we call Australia.

As Yingiya Guyula, a senior Yolngu elder from Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory says; "dismissing constitutional recognition as a toothless tiger".

Sovereign Union FLag

About 'Sovereign Union'

Australia's Frontier Wars' : We remember and will not forget Australia's First Nations people who died in defence of their lands during the colonial invasion. We remember those massacred or who died as a result of this trauma and historical genocidal intent.

Review of Bruce Elder's account "Blood on the Wattle": Massacres and Maltreatment of Aboriginal Australians Since 1788

Working toward a National Unity Government. The right for Australia's First Nations peoples to assert their Sovereignty into Governance

Sacred Treaty Circles

Peace, Prosperity, and Healing. In 1981 Bejam Kunmunara Jalo Noonuccal Kabool (Dennis Walker) drafted a Treaty which allows individuals and organisations to join the Sacred Treaty Circles as well as making themselves legal and lawful in the Sovereign Tribal Origine Peoples (S.T.O.P) lands.

Black Lives Matter

Call for action on Deaths Custody as 25th anniversary: 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.

Seeking the inclusion of Justice Targets in the existing Close The Gap Targets, and to highlight that Indigenous rates of incarceration are at their highest since the Royal Commission.
No still means NO ADANI COAL MINE
Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners Council

No Still Means NO - On Facebook page with Video


Gerry Georgatos calls for Royal Commission/National Inquiry into Indigenous suicide crisis.

Labor has announced it's plan to cut suicide rates in half, if elected, and that the Coalition government is examining a scheme to reduce rates too...
NITV News' Malarndirri McCarthy is joined by anti-suicide campaigner Gerry Georgatos

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, OAM "NAIDOC
Person of the Year" 2015

Address Brisbane 2005 UN Declaration of Community Engagement, needed now more then ever!

QUESTION: Without a Bill of Human Rights "How do we get Institutional change" - Australia?

Reconciliation and Australian Social Work - Past and Present Experiences Informing Future Practice'
- Let's get serious about culturally inclusive social work and ALL service practice. This book is Edited by Dr. Christine Fejo-King & Jan (Well Done!)
Grandmothers Against Removals
Australian Child Protection departments are forcibly removing more children per head of population then any other western nation.

Working Together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental. Health and Wellbeing Principles and Practice. Editors: Nola Purdie, Pat Dudgeon and Roz Walker - Comprehensive and Incredible Work!

Social and Emotional Wellbeing - Making Room for Circles

Something to gratify. An experience in explorations with ecopsychology

Beautiful - Martin Heidegger - a film about his beliefs, takes us on a journey around the world to meet philosophers influenced by the thought of Martin Heidegger, as well as experts in the fields of sports, music, craft, and cooking, in a celebration of human beings, and our ability to find meaning in life through the mastery of physical.
Hölderlin’s poetry and Heidegger’s thinking with
Stephen B. Hatton's,
Elemental Sonority: Heidegger, Hölderlin, and Thunder

Why It's So Hard to Talk About Peace in Sri Lanka is a wider discussion about positive and negative PEACE deals in general throughout the world. It offer's a lens highlighting why conflict continues throughout the world and what we need to do to think and do Change.

Late Night Live
Civic Society led or leading the bigger picture?

What will make a difference?

CADMUS Journal - Neoliberalism has led humanity to an economy based on speculation, delocalization of production and war

UN warns of ‘record high’ 60 million displaced amid expanding global conflicts

Open Letter to ALL Australians

Call for Royal Commission into Australia's Treatment of Asylum Seekers

Website Launched.

It's about time Australia, "as a mature nation, to acknowledge its past, atone for its mistakes, repudiate jingoistic nationalism and move towards a national celebration inclusive of all Australians."

Australia's Curriculum review raises questions over teaching of Aboriginal history in Australian Schools.

Trauma and the reinvigoration of Anzac An argument
by Christina Twomey

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What is Human Security?

Art Therapy without Borders, Australia

The Refugee Law Reader

Oxford Journal of Refugee Studies

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Late Night Live
What is Human Security?

Geneva International
Where are your politics? Left? Right? Middle? Don't know?
Culture of Peace with
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Rethinking Poverty
Malala Yousafzai
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Art Therapy Congo  UNIFEED/UNICEF
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Art Therapy without Borders, Australia

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Arabian Nights Stories
How mythology & magic of The Arabian Nights changed the West  
UNESCO Rock the World - from  UN Arts Initiative. I said "Rock the World"!

Millepiani - GREAT SITE
Photo's by Australian Artist  Mark Cypher Video: President

Obama showed off his vocal ability.

Key for Reworld - 43 Million Refugees on the Run
Give Voice to the Displaced People of the World Muslims without Borders Playlist Anytime on Weekend Planet

The Refugee Law Reader

Oxford Journal of Refugee Studies

e-International Studies

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