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WATER - 'tipping point' a trigger of catastrophic & unsustainable ecological change
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Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Australia's First Nation People a Critical Issue for ALL

CADMUS Journal -Neoliberalism has led humanity to an economy based on speculation, delocalization of production and war

Amnesty International calls for Royal Commission into people Australian Governments smuggling cash scandal - (no one is above the law not even a State Body! Australia's border officials accused of 'lawless' actions and UN Human Rights office raises concerns about Sexual Assault allegations by asylum-seekers in Nauru - Australia's remote off-shore detention centres were supposed to be a thing of the past. But now they’re back at the centre of Australia’s toxic immigration debate - Media have NO ACCESS and there is no transparency between the Government and the public about the ABUSE surrounding the treatment of Asylum Seeks and Refugees.


 Business Council of Australia's Chief  - Extended Interview with Jennifer Westacott (We Understand this Interview - But is it possible with Liberal Government under New PM Turnbulls Team (Sept Leadership Change)

UN warns of ‘record high’ 60 million displaced amid expanding global conflicts

Open Letter to ALL Australians

Call for Royal Commission into Australia's Treatment of Asylum Seekers

Journey From Hell:
Trail of traffickers exploiting Rohingya people. Thai, Maylaysia and Burma's authorities are fully aware of situation and some are deeply and corruptly involved. A shocking humanitarian Story. Myanmar's public has a strong case to answer especially given the help they received from the entire globe ever so recently.

The Rohingya Story:
Shunned by their home Myanmar, and facing an increasingly hostile reception elsewhere, SBS Dateline hears the personal stories of the outcast Rohingya

2015 Rohingya refugee crisis and All PM Abbott can say is 'Nope nope nope!
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Crime and Punishment:
Are prisons immoral and can we do without them? If you want to support any form of 'Reconciliation' be you a social worker, MP or citizen within 'our' community... perhaps you may see why this audio podcast is so critical to understand. Our systemic awareness of what we do and how we perform in society has never been more important. Who are you and what do you stand for? Can you advocate for change inside and outside you workplace?

BEST NEWS: Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, OAM
Person of the Year"


Address Brisbane 2005 UN Declaration of Community Engagement, needed now more then ever!

QUESTION: Without a Bill of Human Rights "How do we get Institutional change" - Australia?

Reconciliation and Australian Social Work - Past and Present Experiences Informing Future Practice'
- Let's get serious about culturally inclusive social work and ALL service practice. This book is Edited by Dr. Christine Fejo-King & Jan (Well Done!)
Grandmothers Against Removals
Australian Child Protection departments are forcibly removing more children per head of population then any other western nation.

Working Together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental. Health and Wellbeing Principles and Practice. Editors: Nola Purdie, Pat Dudgeon and Roz Walker - Comprehensive and Incredible Work!

Social and Emotional Wellbeing - Making Room for Circles

Something to gratify. An experience in explorations with ecopsychology

Beautiful - Martin Heidegger - a film about his beliefs, takes us on a journey around the world to meet philosophers influenced by the thought of Martin Heidegger, as well as experts in the fields of sports, music, craft, and cooking, in a celebration of human beings, and our ability to find meaning in life through the mastery of physical.
Hölderlin’s poetry and Heidegger’s thinking with
Stephen B. Hatton's,
Elemental Sonority: Heidegger, Hölderlin, and Thunder

Why It's So Hard to Talk About Peace in Sri Lanka is a wider discussion about positive and negative PEACE deals in general throughout the world. It offer's a lens highlighting why conflict continues throughout the world and what we need to do to think and do Change.

Amazing The Young 'Picasso of Palestine'

Outstanding Dialogue

Aftab Malik on the big questions facing Muslim Australians.

Ziauddin Sardar: 'History of the sacred city: Mecca'.

Ahmed Benchemsi on Charlie Hebdo and the Muslim world.

Rethinking our place in Nature
:  Raimond Gaita's "The Philosopher's Dog" makes many notable point's. It is a must read. Equally is this critical review that pushes us further still: Human Exceptionalism and the Limitations of Animals: a review of Raimond Gaita's The Philosopher's Dog by Val Plumwood

Is anyone out there? Documentary "Human Universe" Brian Cox explores the ingredience for an intelligent civilisation to evolve in the universe. And he weighs the evidence and arrives at his own provocative answer to the puzzle of our apparent solitude. (As fasinating are the questions he asks about ourselves especially where Homo-Human self-reflection is required - see comment below. Brian Cox didn't let us down... his inquiry appears to be on the same page as many who are mindful of what we are doing to the planet.)

Documentary "Human Universe" with Brian Cox Series 1 Ep 1 Apeman - Spaceman (Yes knowledge counts!)

If I was to become a dual-sided critic however, it is to point to the 'space-junk' - our pollution... as a humanity on earth. I am frustrated at the ways we use our knowledge of the planet. It is neglectful of the ecology of the whole... be it on earth and now... in space. I feel deeply that we don't deserve space until we have cleaned-the affairs - our act on earth. We are a destructive force, a collective species, with knowledge that ought to DO better.

Evolution - I just wish David Attenborough's big bird  "Flying Monsters" movie was titled differently... as these giant pre-historic birds say so much more about the existence of ecology - through time. If anything we are the 'monsters' and they the magic revealing our connectivity to this planet by trace. (See above)

Excellent DON WATSON - Speech writer, playwright, travel writer and biographer, Don Watson's new edition to Australian literature is a remarkable excursion through a place which fits many descriptions. Wilderness, farmland, desert and country towns, the bush is 'a place where some people live and others never go.' Ultimately it's something both real and imagined. Originally broadcast on 22/9/14.

Don Watson's interview on 'The Bush'

Government urged to make a new start in 2015 - ACOSS & Welfare Rights Media Statement

_________________________ Archive 2014 - > "Every action we take and every decision we make has a ripple effect, influencing those around us and affecting situation. 
Israel needs a fresh Reconciliation Policy now!

Briefing: What's in the UN's new Gaza agreement? - (Gaza blockade - no signs of loosening)

Saudi Arabia has pledged $500 million to help rebuild Gaza ahead of conference in Cairo on Oct. 12. It is hoped Turkey, Qatar, the European Union and United States, will also step forward with promises of support.

Israeli exploitation of Palestinian natural resources, including water, is one of Israel’s most severe violations of international law.

Israel in 'grave breach' over informants: Pressuring Palestinians to pass on information to Israel is a violation of the Geneva conventions,says rights group. (Palestine?)

My Response to Who won the war on Gaza? by Samah Sabawi.
(good article) #gazaheart

Bombed Gaza Airport from previous War's
For me, Nobody WON this 2014 WAR in GAZA!
EU Statement on the ceasefire in Gaza

Win - Lose Narratives, a sport in this problem between Palestine/Gaza & Israel and a big part of the problem. No economic future can rely on reductionisms... childish attitudes - on the seriousness of violence or threat of violence and such heated War Talk!

The globe lets us down allowing this oppression to continue, abuses Palestinian rights to "sovereignty", leaving all arguments of "self-defence" in tatters, alienating selectively Hamas, pushing the Palestinians themselves to the BRINK. It is a hapless situation now and more fragile then ever. My tears are with the DEAD, the HOMELESS & DISPLACED, with the BUSINESS agencies DESTROYED not to mention the UTTER WASTE of invaluable DONORS FUNDS who'd worked so HARD over years to rebuild infrastructure across #Gaza & #Palestine.... with scarce Billions & Billions now wiped! No-one WON this WAR. The Globe sides with falsification, deceit, deception, pretense, artifice, and double-crossing treachery when it comes to protecting Palestine as we have witnessed through historical TALKS. Winning is a "graceful" term which I give to fair-level-mindfulness. Gaza's War was no less then disgraceful! Killing is never an option, both sides had something to answer to on the topic of MURDER... where inhuman LAWS of the UN Charter were seriously breached. (No Excuses - given what is at stake!)

#US #UNSC #Israel #EU #UNGeneva #Egypt #Turkey #Qatar -- I Thank the@UNWRA for it's courage and GOODWILL. The WORLD OWES YOU!

Netanyahu's miscalculation: Bullish or foolish?
Benjamin Netanyahu has failed to achieve his main objectives.

Israel’s Unjust War on Gaza. “Self-Defense Against Peace”.
"The aggressor cannot rely upon self-defence to justify violence against resistance to its own aggression."
Every Word is True
- Israel chose expansion over security says Noam Chomsky | "Nightmare in Gaza" Henry Siegman, Leading Voice of U.S. Jewry, on Gaza: "A Slaughter of Innocents" - Among the most appropriate & significant transcripts I have ever read dealing with the 'propaganda war'... between Gaza & Israel

Robert Fisk on Gaza - ("WHY" We need to Stand-Up for Palestinian Rights as well as concerns of Israeli Security)
“Long term, there has to be a recognition that Gaza cannot sustain itself permanently closed off from the world and incapable of providing some opportunity – jobs, economic growth – for the population that lives there,” Obama said
MOST IMPORTANT STORY: Anti-war Israelis in Tel Aviv protest over Gaza operation, Israeli Police distrupt, arrest and break-up Protest - regardless of all claims that Israel is a democracy Al Jazeera's Kim Vinnell reports.

Seriously & Honestly
: #Israel Provoked This War (rather then..? - I totally & utterly agree) - Read article 

Arrogance all too often breeds stupidity

Archived Opinion of Cease-fire before August 26th: The Problem with #Egypt is it is politically bias. (Although I hope I am NOW WRONG about this aspect in relation to Gaza) After hearing Egypt in the United Nations Security Council (Wednesday 6th August)  I am heartened, specifically for it stance  where it explained ; 'Bothsides have a right to  self defence'. (Israel’s Unjust War on Gaza. “Self-Defense Against Peace”."The aggressor cannot rely upon self-defence to justify violence against resistance to its own aggression.")

Since the witness of random mass mis-judgments - of citizens through it's law courts (treatment of the brotherhoods death sentences, not to mention jailed journalists... there is no RULE OF LAW) the government as a mediator for Hamas has no credibility. America makes a mistake if it thinks it can do a take two number of previous maneuvers with the Egyptian presidents.

I support #Turkey's position, as a political regional player and agree with Ban Ki Moon. There can be NO BAND AIDS. Israel is playing with fire.

"IF" an "authentic" cease-fire is not achieved with Hamas, to make negotiation for a #UNITY Government for Palestine, and progress toward normality of community, economic and political rights across borders, then GAZA has become the never-ending 'concentration camp' today of the yesteryear.

Israel will never be able to protect it's border's with military solutions. If it does continue this oppression. the slaughter, this recycle of bi-annual outbreaks of systemic political violence (in all it's forms) drags the world, the #UNSC, and State elite members into risky danger.

Displacement of peoples across Africa and the Middle East is at an all time high. Israel contributes to the insecurity by inflaming tensions rather the look at it for what it is.... an opportunity toward true politics, between Palestine (which includes Gaza, Hamas representation) and Palestine's need to represent itself.

The World system between all the wars, the dysfunction within the P5's inside the UNSC, concerning Russia, Syria, China & Ukraine hardly leaves resources for the outflow of war & terror, built on a platform of mis-representations of community political & economic justice.

Enough is enough. Before the scourge of war converges beyond all control,

Israel needs to wake up and adjust to the reality of what is possible rather then it's focus on what is not. It's present approach means war with GAZA will never stop ... with each new generation, as the wounds are raw.... literally... and will remain so while it remains in collective detention. The world is changing... the US needs to stand with the UN on the rights of Palestinians.... and their future.

Israel is leading us all toward's a non-repairable bloodshed... that will throw us into unmapped complete chaos!


DID YOU KNOW? "UN-affiliated Human Rights Council has issued resolutions DID YOU KNOW? "UN-affiliated Human Rights Council has issued resolutions condemning Israel 44 times, making up over 41 percent of all country-specific resolutions."

Before I explain my deep disappointment in Israels approach to the Palestine efforts toward "UNITY", allow me to say I dislike the word 'Zionism' as much as I dislike the politics of Nationalism and especially "Ultra-Nationalism" (my own term) which I could argue converges with what we might read as today dictatorships and a form of terrorism for it's narrow-minded military tendencies which (most often) becomes a cause leading to justifications of State violence.... AND as in Egypt's and Israel's case for this purpose... STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE.

With reference to Israel, I prefer to think in terms of "orthodox" and not so much orthodox which opens the window to what is a cultural, spiritual or religious belief apart from the politics directly... given the propaganda surrounding the negative politics's related to Zionism which is completely confusing to me, given I do not want to join in the fray!

I agree with what Peter Beinart writes in his book "The Crisis of Zionism" dispite it's title. I particulary agree with it's orginal name "The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment."

The book describes Beinart's views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the increasingly hostile view many Jewish-Americans have taken toward Israel's policies. Particularly, Beinart contends that policies advocated by Zionists especially under Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud government are increasingly at odds with liberal ideals.
. He points to Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank as one troubling aspect of this policy.
Notably but not surprising, this book has been received unfavorably by many pro-Israeli groups. This criticism increased when Beinart called for a boycott of West Bank Settlements.


Civilians suffer in Gaza - death, terror and destruction -
Netanyahu is out of control!

Call for UN chief Ban Ki-moon to "put the State of Palestine under the UN international protection system" in order to address the erratic violence in Gaza.

Netanyahu has no answer on Hamas! Historically Netanyahu is no Yitzhak Rabin.

Netanyahu's manufactured leadership - at this time - during this century is appallingly. He has one of the most aggressive attitudes based on direct political bias. There is no room for negotiation, land, economics... social cooperative futures?

Melding in the Hamas election, ignoring Palestinian voters was one thing but NOW dictating to all Palestinians that there can be no alternative partnership acceptable with Hamas, on what ever terms... of  'unity' between Palestinians with a Palestinian Government.... is ongoing.

Netanyahu has done everything in his power to keep the Palestinian conflict alive. Netanyahu is on the wrong side of history. He fails the authentic leadership test. Lacks true common sense.... on humane terms.

Netanyahu's approach is not one promoting trust, honesty and compassion. There can be no pathway to Peace with Netanyahu.

Israel fails to address legitimate issues as they stand under international law through talks on security, with concern for the future of the entire Palestinian populations. Those inside occupied areas and ALL those DISPLACED. Israel risks everything by continuing it's propaganda single half-baked one-lined excuses - arguements to justifiy violence as an only option in dealing with Hamas.

Israel is a large part of the problem.
WE - throughout the world need a new SOCIAL CONTRACT
Death, killing and sovereign values alone are not working anywhere. Citizens throughout the world are becoming increasingly disillusioned from the inside out. We are pained by the oppression, violence and terror being placed on the powerless, the vulnerable and disadvantaged. We are alarmed by the lies, the misrepresentation and ignorance at both a domestic level and on the international stage. We are fearful of the future. The 50 million refugees floating door to door - the tens of millions of displaced peoples, enduring poverty,  violence and torture from both State violence and criminals. It is shameful no matter which nation we put focus on, Australia, China, Russia, Egypt (to name a few) and in the case below .... Israel.
Mohammed Abu Khdair,, a Palestinian boy, was abducted from East Jerusalem and reportedly killed and burned "alive" by Jewish Settlers. He is among the many millions of politically innocent lives being lost each day because leaders, of all nations have forgotten (it appears) why they are leaders, or worse who they are there to "lead". Today violence is becoming the norm everywhere.
In this case, Israel's role in this "Murder" stands out for it's conduct over the initial three teenagers (Jewish Settlers) who were murdered by "someone('s)" and dumped. Yes this was shocking but has Israel (as usual and not unlike many leaders today) jumped the gun? Instead of using it's diplomatic civil policies, under the law, that would have gained the support of both the Israeli and Palestinian public over these shocking murders, it acted emotionally. It accused "Hamas", and literally set the entire nation against not only "Hamas" but the entire populations of Palestine. As bad as these Murders were, the Israeli leadership was no example of acting within the law. It victimised hundreds, burning down houses, implementing dawn raids, causing mayhem across the Middle Eastern Israeli and Palestinian neighbourhoods. This has attracted more pain to many on both sides and still ... no evidence on who committed either of these four murders. Not mentioned are the other Palestinian deaths from the army/police... or those hundreds randomly
assaulted and/or detained.... for what?
State brutality appears to be on the rise as leaders and their "militarism's"  resort to grave and critical tactic's throughout the world to "try" and control the populations under their sovereignty. Meanwhile, the poor, the disadvantaged, the homeless and displaced rise in numbers.
To accentuate the height of this crisis, we find the United Nations except for convenience largely ignored. It is as if all members of the world have done everything they can to ignore it's calls to respect it's charter, it's role with "sharing the burden" be it regarding "Asylum Seekers" or the need for "Peacekeeping Forces".  It's international laws are being ignored except when it is convenient, as nations play their games on the international stage from a completely domestic level regardless of the cooperation and gain that could and should occur "IF" Member States worked together. In Australia, the Israel case comes to mind. As we fail to highlight the human abuse, the positive potential that could otherwise be gained from our concern to condemn all forms of abuse by any State power wanes ... as we see daily.
Australia for example preaches Human Rights to Burma (a safe political call) while ignoring China's abuse of ethnic groups & Israel's abuse of ethnic groups among others. We look to the US. If the US says something then perhaps we might whisper a word. If the EU says something and the US doesn't ... we ignore the claims of abuse no matter what we read or see in the news ... we refrain from comment as it is assumed "not in the national interest". Under our present government we completely ignore the UN except for a photo shoot with Ban Ki Moon.
The problem here is the rise of violence everywhere. While every State plays this unrealistic hegemonic game of pin the tail on the donkey ... State by State, the millions of displaced rise, the numbers of tortured rise as does the crime in all it's forms ... ie; drugs/gun cartels, human trafficking, unsafe methods of migrant smuggling and sex tourism. In this world, corruption rises throughout societies, amongst the elite as well as in the backstreets.
We do need a NEW SOCIAL CONTRACT. It starts by considering the idea of inclusive representation and our language.
"Terrorism" is being used everywhere & is being misapplied in many cases as something to label minority groups. The rise in violence in many cases is becoming a reality because leaders everywhere use anti-"Terrorist" rhetoric to label every situation - often before there is one to prompt justification for the use of State violence. It is often an excuse.
We will never reduce the violence on the streets until we rid ourselves of State Structural Violence. This has more to do with the failure of political representation  and the use of unreasonable policies being implemented. Israel, China and
being stark examples, having the corrupt legal systems and use of torture and the death penalty. In countries like Australia, it is corruption and far right policies that ignore the need to work with the United Nations, the World Bank and IMF except when it is one of convenience. The song, "In the national interest" has lost it's meaning. The national interest everywhere is becoming narrowly NATIONALISTIC, as with little Russia's in it's communist sense ... hardly liberal from the sense of a democracy, or the Frost interview 101 East or the "values" we say our own nation stands for.
Telling throughout the world is the "PEACEFUL NON-VIOLENT" protests that have occurred of late. How States in many places, not listening react harshly until someone is killed. Often the first shot is followed by more shots as the violent environment escalates. Sometimes it is the police, military or secret services ... sometimes it is a faction amongst the protestors. The States, rather than hold those individuals responsible, go on a rampage ... attracting more and more and more violence ... as resentments on both sides of a dispute rise. The outcome is more violence. Often random populations are rounded up ... accused harshly, regardless of proper law and justice while the individual police (some bullies) who often are also responsible, are treated leniently if not allowed to walk scot free. This is an imbalance of political civil rights and makes it difficult for citizens who do need to communicate through due political processes and, if left unheard will attempt peaceful protest. The outrage occurs because of governments, their poor representation and how they, in most cases react defensibly toward their own citizens. The Arab Spring ... looms large in these examples, as does the human abuses in China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Russia and Venezuela (to name a few).
Remember how the world finally confronted the political situation in Burma ... as the Monks took to the streets? It should give strength as an example of negotiable peacemaking ... a lesson on how resourceful global action rather than something isolated created true hope for a nation, with regard to the rest. As I said ... we need a new social contract at an international and local level. This violence and displacement and the unnecessary deaths of so many cant just go on. At this rate we will all lose under the continued threat of global instability.
The devastation in Syria.... is equal to anything we say about Hitler, Stalin or the so called great war.... it is shameful... on all of us, that this war continues.

China-Russia is a match made in heaven, and that’s scary
One would have to be mad not to see the converging realities, the threat of conflict and the problem of economic ties, less the politics is improved. I disagree with Kaletsky's last point on Obama. For too long both nations, Russia and China (among other nations) have been getting away with (bloody) murder. Their  human rights record as one point, and economic and media standards on transparencies another; left unchallenged will lead the world  toward total disorder IF member states inside the United Nations Security Council continue to promote their economic  interests  at the cost of global stability.
As one watching, I am not against either Russia nor China but I directly question their performance as International players and the role they both play as nations on the world stage. IE: Majority of UNSC members denounce UN veto by Russia and China on Syria, as they do Russia's occupation of Crimea and China's threats to neighboring in the disputed waters of the South China Sea (Vietnam) and (Japan). ASEAN foreign ministers, watching closely worry that they may have to do far more then "issued a rare stand-alone statement expressing “serious concerns” about developments in the sea" in their call for action in negotiating a code of conduct between China and the realtionships between current groupings.

_______________ Archive links of interest below

Chris Bowen Interviews - Commission of Audit:
Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen rejects the Government's claim there is a budget emergency, saying the Commission of Audit is a 'blueprint of broken promises' which will ramp up taxes and slash services. |

Professor Jeff Richardson is the Foundation Director of the Centre for Health Economics - says Abbott Governments claims (re:co-payment) on MediCare is a smoke-screen, is spin... have a listen.

ABC's Four Corners report
: The Manus Solution? Comprehensive account yet of what took place at The Manus Island Regional Processing Centre in February this year. | Manus detainees seek witness protection |Eyewitnesses to death of Reza Barati apply for protection in Australia, Five witnesses claim they have received death threats and that neither PNG nor Australia can ensure their safety |Manus Island: Lawyers say witnesses to Reza Berati's death need urgent protection |UN as said on various occassions Australia breaching Refugee Convention. Meanwhile we find out from Cambodia that Cambodia has agreed 'in principle' to asylum deal with Australia, however to date we understand that nothing has been signed. |||| Last Month -
Asylum seekers detail violent riots on Manus Island | Witness statements Manus Island detention centre in the lead up to the February riots in which Reza Berati was killed and another asylum seeker was shot. | Also see Lateline as Fridays Transcript becomes available | And then there's the children in Detention "Poor education for children in detention on Christmas Island"
Indonesia speaks out on boatpeople amid Australia tension: stop Australia stop "shifting responsibility" for asylum-seekers, in veiled criticism of Australia's hardline policy of towing boatloads of would-be refugees back to Indonesia.

UN approves Sri Lanka war crimes inquiry Human Rights Council authorises international criminal probe of alleged atrocities during civil war that ended in 2009.
(Important Breakthrough!) But 'Australia however declined to support this resolution' | *Govt's approach to Sri Lanka criticised
Climate change 'complicates' global security - Top scientists say climate change will complicate and worsen global security problems such as wars and refugees. | * Europe wants climate on G20 agenda

Seriously Flawed Egyptian Courts, Government? One wonders what is going on in International Affairs when Governments have said so very little about the Peter Greste trial. Greste again denied bail after being held in an Egyptian jail with other journalists for more then 102 days. While we have heard Australia's PM and Foreign Minister have spoken to Egyptian authorities, one wonders what the hell is going on. Where is the International Community? Why have we not heard more concern from at least the democratic governments about this case... or has free speech completely lost all relevence?

I don't know how to cover the NBN anymore:
"Beyond a joke, beyond a politicised mess, and even beyond farce, the incredibly inconsistent handling of the project by Liberal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has led it far outside the bounds of rational discourse or intelligent consideration." A concise article explaining the hubris that now surrounds the plight of Australia's greatest ever vision the NBN. [Proof of the spin]. Disturbing is also the cost and unaccountablity of Internet in Australia.
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull not unlike his Liberal/National team appear so out of touch with the impact [day to day] costs are having on households, how unaccountable telco's are becoming and how detremental this is; not only to consumers but equality to the access to business opportunity - in all sectors... now and in the future.  
Big Ideas Panel: "Dog Days: Australia After the Boom"

SOUTH EAST CHINA/JAPAN SEA. Interview  with  US Former Diplomate Kurt Campbell
Lateline China a "great power" that is now facing new and greater responsibilities too Re: Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands

China and the US seek military dialogue over territorial disputes

 Australia’s Security Council statement after vote on #Ukraine resolution  #UNSC via Gary Quinlan ‏
QandA LIVE FROM CHINA: Dr Geoff Raby - Former Ambassador to China, Mei Yan - Businesswoman and media executive, Ma Tianjie - Program Director, Greenpeace East Asia, Cheng Lei - Television Presenter, Guo Jian - Chinese Australian artist
QandaA Panel last Week: "Human Rights and Wrongs" Panel Guests Mona Eltahawy, Kenneth Roth, Tim Wilson, Ilwad Elman, Lucy Siegle, a 'great' panel on Q&A Qanda. As Tweeter #laceman said, "Human rights abuses anywhere affect all of humanity, including Australians!" and #Joshduckwhiper, "Good to see us thinking outside our borders for once. We all share the same planet". This was a remarkable, direct and affronting Q&A Qanda panel. Broad discussion inter-relating Australian issues with other nations, namely Egypt and Sri Lanka. Don't miss this episode. Next to that aired from Indonesia and India, this episode shone a light where there is darkness. It is a relief when people speak honestly less the politics and hubris spin! When we become part of discussion such as this... we become a lucky country, allowed at least to air our grievances... at a mature level.
TheBusiness: Economist Marc Faber. He is often known as Dr Doom and Editor and Publisher of "The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report". In this interview he links inflated house prices to shrinking consuption and warns of future shrinkages in consumer spending. He says consumers income is being spent on high housing needs so there is not enough left to stimulate consumption. Obvious yes, but listen to his arguement. Always informative. Hope there is a Transcript coming. They are invaluable as is the facts disclosed by guests on this show.

Recent media: Dr Marc Faber on "The Terminal Phase of a Credit and Asset Bubble" | Marc Fabers Homepage

Lesya Orobets Speaks: “In the end, the fight for the unity of Germany was won not by NATO but by Germany’s hardworking persistence, Germany’s economic miracle,” she told her volunteers. “And I think that’s the way that we must choose to go. Because now to spend a year, two years on hard financing to create the police and the army, and then go to war in Crimea and try to get something back—it will mean wasting the lives of thousands of our best. As women, we still feel the consequences of the Second World War—so we don’t want this.”
  #Kiev #Digitalmaidan #Euromaidan #Ukraine #Crimea  Ukraine - KyivPost --- Aljazeera Ukr Live Bog ---  Euromaidan PR - | Ukrainian News Agency
United Nations General Assembly votes
Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula as illegal,
as 100 votes in favor - 11 against, 58 abstained
Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Zimbabwe joined Russia in rejecting the document.

How can we stop Putin?

I think Putin ought to be sanctioned too. My reason is the irresponsibility of his leadership regarding both Ukraine and Syria.

While I know no one wants to connect these two issues, I DO! The waste of life, the agony of innocent civilians and our on-going tolerance that's a) generating MILLIONS & MILLIONS of REFUGEE'S who have NOWHERE to GO... the children, the children; b)  I connect Putin's role UNSC as directly responsible for contributing to distructive leadership rather then working to keep peace.
Historical Transformations - Two important documents stand out.
1) !968 "German Policy Toward the East" by By Willy Brandt
2) Obama's Full TxT Brussels today after meetings with European Union and NATO allies.

IMF extends generous assistance to Ukraine.

Putin's Ukraine/Crimea Plan LEAKED.

The Hague Declaration
March 25th

EU and US impose Crimea sanctions on Russia
. Travel bans and asset freezes issued to Ukraine and Russian officials deemed responsible for Crimea referendum, including Viktor Yanukovich.

UNCERTAINTY PRAVAILS: Ukraine votes to mobilise 40,000 reservists to protect country Kyiv Says Five-Day Truce Reached With Russian Forces In Crimea

NATO: Russian Federation to de-escalate the situation, including by ceasing all military activities against Ukraine.

KYIV - "Ukraine has never entered the territory of other countries during the whole history of wars which were led within the territory of Ukraine", Ihor Tenyukh, Acting Minister of Defense, said.
United Nations Security Council action on Crimea referendum blocked | Gérard Araud of France quipped that Russia “vetoed the UN Charter” with its “no” vote. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that “emotions have been hardened” over the forthcoming referendum.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine | Ukraine Foreign Ministry declares the military invasion by Russia and demands the Russian side to immediately withdraw its military forces from the territory of Ukraine.
#Ukraine #Crimea  Ukraine - KyivPost --- Aljazeera Ukr Live Bog ---  Euromaidan PR - | Ukrainian News Agency
Three years on, UN's top humanitarian officials urge end to Syrian conflict
''A strong NATO in a changed world''
Our vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace has been put into question. NATO - 21st March
Our global issues; trade barriers, armed conflict, climate change, air pollution, over-resourced ecosystems resulting in depleting bio­diversity, eratic education systems, gender inequality, preventable illness, malnutrition and poor water and sanitation. Micheal Fullilove National Press Club speech [Yes*], but would still deeply question the ways we are using Defence Spending. Support approach to China especially in the light of Crimea and viewing tension in all of China Sea. Dr Michael Fullilove, Executive Director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy addresses the National Press Club on the topic A Larger Australia.

FOLLOWING Developments in Ukraine on Twitter and All world News outlets.
 #Kiev #Digitalmaidan #Euromaidan #Ukraine #Crimea  Ukraine - KyivPost --- Aljazeera Ukr Live Bog ---  Euromaidan PR - | Ukrainian News Agency Paris Charter  |Maps discriptive of culture, politics & Gas in Ukraine | 1997 EU + Russian Partnership and Cooperation Agreement   // Helsinki Final Act: forward "their commitments in the field of the human dimension" | 2014 Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

Crimean Tatars who have formed their own neighborhood watch against feared provocations Soviet repression mixed and mingled cultures and left a legacy that at times can be traced through food.

LAST WEEKS BEFORE THAT: Friday-Saturday Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic  appeal to the US to boost its gas imports in case Russia cuts its supply. | Trust a core issue with Putin "Putin must be stopped"!

Thursday - FACT SHEET: President Putin's Fiction: 10 False Claims about Ukraine as  Ukraine's
Sochi Winter prepare to compete in Russia,  despite Russia’s military in Crimea. |

Explains better some of the complexity + struggle inside Ukraine. "Putin plays Nazi card to marginalize Ukraine’s revolution"

Letter from Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg to President Putin of Russia

Tuesday - 'So why aren't they shooting?' is Putin's question, Ukrainians say

Monday: Former Deputy Ukraine PM Oleh Rybachuk says he's 'slightly encouraged' by international action to prevent tensions with Russia from getting worse.| The seriousness of Russia's military build-up to world secuirty can not be underestimated. Russia’s numerous treaty transgressions of Ukraine’s sovereignty
Sunday -
UKRAINE ASKS UN COUNCIL: STOP RUSSIAN 'AGGRESSION' |Ukraine warns of war as Russia approves deployment of troops in region |The size of the 'extremely dangerous trap for the West and for the new government in Kyiv' |

Oleksander Turchinov, now acting president, said the new government would have to take unpopular decisions to head off default and guarantee a normal life for Ukraine's people. |
Arseniy Yatsenyuk's Wikipedia profile Arseniy Yatseniuk has been nominated to lead the new government as Ukraine Prime Minister

Ukraines new interim president of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov, TV address to the nation.

Former PM Oleh Rybachuk "Ukrainians want a new generation of 'clean' politicians"

Interviews Comparisions Ukraine + Syria and why they are different.
Attacks, sieges of civilian areas leading to mass casualties, starvation in Syria – UN panel

Syria - Has international community has abandoned them?
“No one should have to risk their life for standing up and speaking
out on violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.”

“No one should have to risk their life for standing up and speaking out on violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.”
Diplomats fear Australia will wreck UN probe into Sri Lankan war crimes - It is estimated between 40,000 and 70,000 civilians lost their lives in the final phase of the war, particularly as government forces advanced on the Tamil Tigers in the country's north. This as PM Abbott said recently "''I don't propose to lecture the Sri Lankans on human rights.''

Constructing the Right “Not to Be Made a Refugee” at the European and Inter- American Courts of Human Rights |
Be it Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, nations in the Middle East, Africa or South America the fact that Refugee have a right not to be made refugees is a pivotal. Instead of victimising Asylum Seekers it is time Nation States hold other States accountable "not protecting" their own citizens. The question is "how". I suggest among other strategies, Human Rights must be made central to each Nation States performance in the International Stage. IE; Australia's present role with a number of nations including Sri Lanka, [see article above], Israel, Cambodia, China, Vietnam to name a few as well as Australia's own performance regarding understanding and treatment of Asylum Seekers.

Social Justice Day -
The gap between the poorest and the wealthiest around the world is wide and growing. This situation is not only between countries but within them, including many of the most prosperous.  The World Day of Social Justice is observed to highlight the power of global solidarity to advance opportunity for all.

United Nations  faces “an overflowing inbox
of conflicts and disasters of growing severity, frequency and complexity.”

UN's  'biggest appeal' for Syria crisis:
Target funds required amount to at least $US6.5 billion in aid for Syrians, as UN plans for up to 4.1 million refugees by the end of next year.
OECD education report highlights refugee disadvantage says expert. [Comment: And reflects blind Australia's growing social aggression and discriminatory attitudes...]

UNHCR slams Australia asylum seeker treatment. The United Nations Refugee Agency has found 'deeply troubling deterioration' in Australian detention facilities over the course of the year. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus face indefinite detention in unsafe and inhumane conditions. UNHCR regional representative Richard Towle says in a statement. "In particular, they constitute mandatory detention that is not compatible with international law," he says in a statement. "They do not provide a fair and efficient system for assessing refugee claims, do not provide safe and humane conditions of treatment in detention, and do not provide for adequate and timely solutions for recognised refugees." It also specified that "No child, whether an unaccompanied child or within a family group, should be transferred from Australia to Nauru".

Hungary Improves it's Refugee System as Europe continues to stuggle with Refugee influx.

Australia's treatment of asylum seekers in the country's offshore detention centres. Interview with Christine Milne after death and 77 odd injuries on Manus Island during late Febuary.
Australians apologise to asylum seekers on new website

- Inhumane conditions, self-harming and mismanagement. Dateline exposes unsanitary and overcrowded conditions, plus damning accounts and leaked documents from whistleblowers. Women being denied underwear, security guards taunting asylum seekers and the fabrication of welfare notes. #Nauru

LIFE ON MANUS - Liz Thompson whistleblower, says the whole asylum seeker processing system there is ‘fake’. #Manus

Check Out
SBS Homepage
Don't Give Up  C20 Forum
Two Discussions that need connection?
It is no doubt that the changes at Qantas in it's Australian sense brings up questions of different magnitudes for workers, share holders management, the clients and government. In the background is politics.

Given I have not enough income to keep up with the many pay-walls springing up everywhere for COMMERCIAL NEWS, I fear I will loose the diversity of ideas discussed that makes news so progressive.  When it comes to copy-write, NBN and other arguments running like rats up the pole in Australia at present I say all links that I reflect in my online work is "Free Advertising" for those many whom I have liberally supported. Online I most always have left trace of my footprint, quoting and linking to broad topics in news.  
What is required is a different construct in online news. Package Deals for example. By the time on-line users such as myself have paid all that is required to have Internet access, the cost of commercial news shuts me out from supporting, [by following] various reporters as well as the outlets they work for.
No worries. It means we will not know what the "in-house" conversations actually are when they are referred to by Public Broadcast commentators and, we will remain as alienated as we sometimes do when affordability is directly the NO:1. issue, disconnecting us from the national conversation. Australian news needs to become part of a Knowledge Nation in more ways then one. Commercial outlets I ask, Rethink your Budget paradigms, pay your journalists and see the new technological world for what it offers YOU as people like me....  would like to remain included and inclusive. Thank You
G20 Communiqué Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Sydney, 22-23 February 2014 Joe Hockey comes away from G20 with tough but unknown reform in mind - The treasurer says Australia has no choice but to pursue ‘hard’ structural reform, but details will have to wait

Extended interview with Mark Carney and Extended interview with Jennifer Westacott: The Business Council of Australia released its budget submission, estimating that the Government will have run deficits of almost 17 per cent of GDP last year and this year. It calls for tough measures on galloping public spending, tax reform which has gone nowhere since the Henry Review, and economic reform, if we're to be within coooee of Joe Hockey's growth target.

Big Ideas - 'no victory but rather a capital revolution of change'. Hear Michael Cox founding CoDirector of LSE IDEAS & Prof of International Relations at London School of Economics queries just how far the world economy's axis has shifted towards Asia & away from the US in this Melb Uni address. He also politely critised the blinking obvious with a section on Australia's Asia White Paper. *****
Saturday Extra

Christine Lagarde on Tax Mininimisation

Christine Lagarde Head of the IMF was Special Guest on Q&A's QandA forum.
Among the many [wonderful] audience questions Christine Lagarde answered this one on growth & prosperity.... ''Clearly investing in health, investing in education, making sure there are equal opportunities for all is something where public money is needed,'' Ms Lagarde said on Thursday in response to a question on the ABC's Q&A program on federal Treasurer Joe Hockey's call for the end of ''the age of entitlement''........''It's not a question of … entitlement.''

Lagarde offers Aust praise and advice.
5 questions answered on why the G20 is a big deal.

Oxfam calls on G20 ministers to rein in multinational tax rorters. ''To make a real impact the G20 has to look at something that is manageable, and that deals with growth while making a difference in the world," Ms Szoke CEO of Oxfam said.

Trade Partners or Not?
 Jobs outsourced to NZ - We need to hear this, it is layered and needs further discussion | New Zealand's Economy, is it fair to say Australia has often cast a shadow over New Zealand.

Something Important to Discuss Critically!

In a world of privatised wars and outsourced detention centres, mining companies pillaging precious land in developing countries and struggling nations invaded by NGOs and the corporate dollar. What are the alternatives in a globalised world? Profits of Doom by Antony Loewenstein challenges the fundamentals of our unsustainable way of life and the money-making imperatives driving it.

"ANZAC's Long Shadow" by James Brown 'which criticises the amount of 'time', 'money' and 'emotion' spent on commemorating the ANZAC legend'?

Coming Home - Pt.1: Combat Doctor as reported by Sally Sarah on Foreign Correspondent

Important Story:
Have Anzac celebrations become 'a military Halloween'? Is 'Anzac Day becoming a festival for the dead and could the money be better spent on returning soldiers struggling to deal with the physical and psychological legacy of war'? [I think so... given it took so long to get the population to come back after the Anti-Vietnam war demonstrations... we have now come to a new cross-way]. While reference in this story was made to what we could instead be aiming for within the National narrative IE:"the image of the young corporal lieutenant, bombardier, you know, patrolling the poppy fields in Uruzgan Province would be a better image for people to have, definitely a more relevant image for people to have." [I agree! In fact looking closer at the PEACEKEEPER efforts if not the DEVELOPMENT aspects of Australia's troops would go beyond the current image of how we celebrate our forces as well as help us reform areas where there is many cultural difficulties within the Forces. Have read around the edges of Australia's involvement in the world of Peace Efforts, alongside the WARS. I believe we are at an impasse. I fear under the present geo-climate, Australia is going the wrong way less we are mindful of the pitfalls of looking exactly like those we say we are not when it comes to who we are as Australians both outside and inside the Forces. I fear that as a public we may be open to manipulation as various voices compete for funds rather then work through the issues, so we can be sure the IE: Job Manufacturing crises, the additional secrecy in government and what appears to be the innate "Silo" culture of the Military, ASIO and umbrella of issues surrounding National Security do not  leave "US" as a public out of the future equation. I fear the that we might be tempted to become a  Military Industry Machine at the same time as knowing the new Defence White Paper has to be sharp to the rising issues around the world and specifically within the ASIA PACIFIC. In my own opinion, the political struggle of Human Rights together with other Declarations is pivotal to the geo-political struggle we are having with China, Israel, Russia as well in ASEAN [for example]. I mean that if it not about containment but cooperation.... we leave ourselves at risk if we watch China's Military grow and attempt to mirror this kind of growth ourselves. Worse... we may never know peace. The tensions in the Asia Pacific is real and we need the US as well as other nations to understand why HUMAN RIGHTS is important. Look at Syria for Gods Sake.... with all our weapon throughout the world.... Our hands are tied regardless of R2P or other well known strategies.... which disempower us literally, while entire populations bare the burden of the scourge! We have some GREAT MINDS in Australia, it is about time we used them... this is not just a time to integrate science, but consider the future of Australia with a practical set of geo-political philosophies. I am embarrassed by much in our history. Much of it proved to be unsound and I am sorry to say that the ways we have treated our troops returning is a key example of work required when we prattle on about "mateship". What Mateship? Mateship has proved to be a selective term with a selective meaning based on our national identity which appears to thrive on notions of convenience. Not to mix terms necessarily, it is a bit like a credibility gap. For the record I am unimpressed with notions set in some of our previous Defence Papers especially when it came to the nationalistic views that insist that the International environment is not as important as that locally. This is not teamplayer tactics it is Nationalism. The risk presently existing everywhere as Dictatorships read our tactic by the actions we have taken regardless of Declarations signed... and I am not just talking about Operation Sovereign Borders. We as a nation full of diverse citizens need to be careful.

Sample in Case: Japan and China sovereignty debates over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands? This is but one current reality!

Disturbances, Death and serious injuries on Manus Island.

Interview with Aust HRC Christine Triggs, Aust Opposition Foreign Minister Tanya Plibersek‎ &  [19th.2.16] & Rod St George: Manus Island whistle-blower

Australia's refugee policy causes 'mental rot' Australia's reputation on human rights has been
marred by reports that asylum seekers are subjected to inhumane treatment and mental health damage.

Abbott Must Close The Gap On Black Justicesays Max Chalmers *****


Australia, on Closing the "Credibility Gap" Stories on Crickey - Aboriginal health groups shed light on detailed challenge "Closing the Gap" target [audio] - Suggestions from Greens - Lateline coverage "The gap is not closing".

Interestingly as the well known issues were raised it is the "Recommendations" held in previous Royal Commissions on "JUSTICE" that appear to be missing in most speeches except in passing. You just wonder don't you... is it that Australians have a short memory, is it that it is such a touchy issue that leaders prefer to side-step or is it that as a nation we really and truly don't understand?

It is worth a quick look at Senator Scott Ludlam and Chiara Lawry's work submitted on 11 February 2010 as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered his second annual 'Closing the Gap Statement'. It is not as though we don't have the data... all the reports, the problems, advocates and infrastructure.... even the media knows that; "Comment: The unfinished business of reducing Indigenous incarceration". Question: What is the point of University, TAFE or other degrees if the Government  ignores "our" work as citizens. The will we have to face the issues "head-on" without the bum-fighting... the gag-spin rhetoric which claims the song of the day in any one cluster of spins. In this case we are loosing generations of children who are asked to attend school [even boarding school] for the sake of statistic's... which we skirt round squirming jumping over the problem. The very base problem that is at the bottom of Indigenous history... the problem we skate over so we can play cards pattering out our idea of "normality" according to our own standards.

Justice is a "whole community, business and government approach".
Stuart Ross, University of Melbourne “we cannot simply prosecute or incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation”, and citing Justice Reinvestment as the vehicle for reform. [SORRY!] Abbott Must Close The Gap On Black Justice says Max Chalmers. "School attendance is a far less controversial topic than Indigenous incarceration rates. No wonder Tony Abbott made it the centrepiece of his 'Close the Gap' speech, writes Max Chalmers"

RAAF monitored an unprecedented and unannounced exercise involving three Chinese warships in international waters to the north of Australia, it has emerged. ABC reporter Michael Brissenden interviews Rory Medcalf, Lowy Institute, Amitabh Mattoo, Melbourne University and Australia’s Foreign Minister Ms Julie Bishop, which sheds more detail on the meaning of these Chinese ships being so close to Australian waters.

Indo-Pacific Security links
: China's navy, Kolkata class, South China Sea and more from the Lowy Institutes Lowy Interpreter.
So Does this Matter ----------------- WHY or WHY NOT?

U.S. drops in press freedom ranking, to #46 out of 180 countries measured Reporters Without Borders'. The World Press Freedom Index measures the state of the free press in countries around the world. The U.S. fell 13 places to No. 46 thanks to the conviction of a WikiLeaks' informant, the effort to track down and punish NSA leaker Edward Snowden and the Justice Department's monitoring of reporters.
News from Ukraine - KyivPost

Febuary - "Yanukovych unleashed a torrent of violence, killing more than 90 people and injuring hundreds of protesters."

CRISIS in UKRAINE - Is Ukraine heading down the same path as Syria. What began as a peaceful demonstration over the constition and expanding links with Europe has resulted in a bloodbath.

Ukraine: high tension in Kyiv as government deadline expires [Live updates]
Ukraines YuliaTymoshenko
We need a Marshall Plan to fix Ukraine... [Protesters have shown us all they deserve real support].

EU bloc’s 28 Foreign Ministers in a joint statement said
, they are “alarmed by the human rights situation, including violence, cases of missing persons, torture, and intimidation’’ as part of the authorities’ crackdown against the ongoing protests, reflecting an “atmosphere of impunity.”

Moscow has suspended Ukraine’s loan payments. EU stands ready to assist Ukraine financially, provided a new government will be formed to “pursue economic and political reforms.”. Jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko [former PM's] fate has been at the heart of a tussle between Kiev and the European Union.

Situation and fallout expressed here in ANDY WARNER COMIC "PALESTINE REFUGEES IN SYRIA"

"Stone Cold Justice" Joint media investigation by ABC Four Corners and The Australian reveals evidence showing how Israel army is targeting Palestinian boys for arrest and detention. Reporter John Lyons travelled to the West Bank to interview children who claim they have been taken into custody, ruthlessly questioned and then allegedly forced to sign confessions before being taken to court for sentencing.

Palestinian children allege they received electric shocks and more! They are abused by Israeli Authorities and Jewish Settlers. A Shocking situation which Australia's Foreign Minister Ms Julie Bishop must acknowledge and address.... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AUSTRALIA.


Former German Ambassador Avi Primor. "Germany is totally indispensable to Israel - Germany has many pro-Israel policies, but I think this is gradually fading and if nothing in the Middle East changes it will get worse."

Israeli media ignores a week of non-violent protests... "The Israeli media gave almost no airtime or print space to two non-violent protests this week, in the Jordan Valley and south Tel Aviv’s Levinsky Park. For Haggai Matar, it’s been a heartbreaking sight." Also see Video "After eviction expelled residents of Ein Hijleh sing their national songs they used to sing in their village"

According to proposals being prepared by US Secretary of State John Kerry, the Jordan Valley is supposed to be under the sovereignty of the Palestinian state but under Israeli security control.The Israeli government demands to retain military control over this strategic part of the West Bank even after any agreement that would establish a Palestinian state.

Eritrean president says countrymen living in 'concentration camps' in Israel. "Israel has tens of thousands of Eritrean asylum seekers, most of whom have fled years of forced military service in their home country. In an attempt to pressure the Eritrean to leave Israel, the government has begun detaining them in a new, so-called "open" detention camp in the Negev."

Israel Army Kidnaps Three Fishermen In Gaza Waters.... "Israeli Navy ships attacked Palestinian fishing boats in Palestinian territorial waters, near Beit Lahia in northern Gaza, and kidnapped three fishermen."

The boycott isn't economic warfare, it's psychological. "It does not have to bring the Israeli economy to its knees, or even close, to force an end to the occupation."

No easy way out for African migrants in Israeli desert detention.
"Toyota has rejected a claim that it told Treasurer Joe Hockey the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) was behind its decision to cease manufacturing in Australia."

Graphic: Edi Sizgoric Source: TheAustralian
Friday: Complex interview with Former Industry minister, Mr Greg Combet, discussing the end of car manufacturing in Australia.... transportable skills and training, future opportunities and the recent announcements of the SPC fruit canning factory.

Thursday 13.11.2014 : PROBLEM as I watched Hockey and others try to split hairs yesterday on various details regarding their performance, their trail of mis-information and, attacks on "WORKERS" is that it appears this Government doesn't actually understand the role of Unions in Australia. For example; A) Royal Commission into corruption as declared [see below] is a real call to tag underhanded linkages... on a number of fronts, especially now in this digital new world. B) Workers Rights is another issue entirely and for this reason the Unions themselves inside a "clean" political debate CAN NOT be tarred with the same brush.... as the Royal Commission targets. Workers do have RIGHTS in this country. As Kim Car said with his '101' common sense logic news byte yesterday;
 "Every company I met would want to improve their cost structures, every company. Every employer I met would always want to improve productivity just as every union I met would always try to improve conditions for their members. It is the nature of the dialogue but you never, every reveal private conversations between companies and government."
The present does this country a huge dis-service by mixing the facts with fiction. Worse, it distorts the message about why this nation may need a Royal Commission that has a broad complex agenda. It makes Dyson Heydon's job potentially more difficult by fudging what the hell all this mess claimed, is about. Namely it mixes politics with the law in a way that lacks integrity.

As Satyajit Das explains we are part of a bigger picture where our responsibilities to "all Australian's" [as promised] as well as our responsibilities globally [open for business plus aid & trade] is about to face "real" difficult times. We need to get our house in order... to reform areas which could 'buffer' the "highs and lows" be it about HOUSING, TRANSPORT, COST of LIVING, COMMUNICATIONS... etc etc! We need more than Q & A, INSIGHT and other well appreciated public forums to sort this out. We are a democracy, it is essential that we work to-gether IF there is authentic intention to understand what is or could happen if we don't. A point celebrated for example with "closing the gap" and other policies is that they don't work because there is a lack of continuity, Indigenous people have suffered because of the chopping and changing experiments we have pushed forward over previous decades. As with the Farmers, the Unemployed, Mental Health and Aged Care Sectors or those HOMELESS. The point being these issues are a micro-look at the impact of macro-factors plus mis-guided political games and spin ... that continue to jeopardize our nations wellbeing, as well as our reputation overseas. Clean-Up Australia... the idiotic bull-dung has to stop!We are not England, We are not America or Europe.... We are Australians. What does that mean?
Sound advice for Bill Shorten Michelle Grattan. ALP has to be ALP. ALP needs to look at it's talent, it's smart as well as moral thinkers. As you said, Toyota/Unions [etc].. "a simplistic attack, which doesn’t do justice to Shorten’s own economic knowledge. Shorten’s attention should be on the creation of a forward looking industry policy, because the end of the auto sector will be a fait accompli (production is due to finish in 2017) by the time of the next Labor government." Additionally, Abbott has been caught out with no vision or pre-planned policies... we all saw the Car Industry was in jepody.... Unlike Liberal Coalition, ALP needs to really do some homework time.... lets face it, the party has some wonderful think-tankers.

Royal Commission Union Governance and Corruption:
Broad Terms of Reference [see Abbotts Press Release] within the Terms of Reference to target culture of cover-up and inappropriate linkages that lead to underhandedness and or corruption surrounding individuals linked within or outside of Unions in Australia. Tony Abbott stands before the Australian public to assure the public that this is about "honesty" so honest business, workers and shareholders "get a fair-go". He says once you start a Royal Commission it is out of the government hands. The Royal Commission is to be headed by Dyson Heydon. The inquiry will use a "systemic" approach to review the "culture" of corruption. It will allow the Police to do their own investigations, side-by-side simultaneously. It is said that "Justice Heydon will be able to summon witnesses to attend hearings, compel witnesses to give self-incriminating testimony, enlist the assistance of the nation's police forces, apply for search warrants, and jail those who fail to co-operate or produce evidence when demanded". Justice Heydon is  proclaimed to be a man of independent views. [This beyond politics is of course my main concern.]

Casting a light on the major social, cultural, scientific and political issues of our time.
Susan Greenfield on The Neuroscience of Consciousness. Considering how it’s impossible to define consciousness and adamantly states that ‘there is no centre for consciousness located in your brain’. A great lecture... so cool. Big Ideas [Fantastic!]

Social inclusion in learning: An important national conversation.... [My ears pricked up on comments about ONLINE LEARNING which I agree needs drastic strategic improvements else it is to continue to become a mere by-product of the Universities funding gaps agenda.]

Interesting: UK Voting and values: does religion count? How do these findings compare to Australia's voters...
Poaching and wildlife crime: Illegal wildlife trade, transnational criminals and terrorist organisations such as the Lord’s Resistance Army and Al Shabaab make hundreds of thousands of dollars every month partaking directly or indirectly in the killing and sale of animal parts. And while this is only one component of their financing, their involvement has seen a dramatic increase in the illicit wildlife trade.

Video Prince Charles and Prince William multi-lingo message urging "people around the world to support efforts to stop illegal wildlife trade". The British government is due to host an international conference on the trade, estimated to be worth more than 6 billion pounds ($9.8 billion) a year, on Feb. 13 in London.
Also find here the UK Independent's own Elephant Campaign.

Found this Map [left] on google and there are many more ... also stories on Dateline and a number of ABC programs

Dare we loose it
... "Nature drawn from life in our wide brown land by Australian Geographic artists" It's a photorealism today a trademark of Australian Geographic since launched in 1986, with some of the best drawings have made it into a new book. The Art of Australian Geographic Illustration is now on sale. "Whatever the medium, the key to producing these timeless images has always been painstaking research combined with virtuosity," editor-in-chief Chrissie Goldrick said.

Oh this Really Hurts
: Women looses eye after being shot by Taser. Police Ethical Standards Command and the Department of Child Safety are investigating the incident. [This fact helps if it is transparent but not this].... "Investigation underway, commissioner says officer acted in self-defence". I do not care how experienced police are at using the gun... there were four of them against one woman and it appears there was a lack of basic "communication skills" which may have prevented such injury to this victim. We need
clarification not justification!

Australia is all over the place internally and externally.

Australia's new governement is dead set clear that it's main goal is to conquer and divide not only the Australian community but also the International  members of the global community who tippy-toe around the edges of our present leaders not quite sure what to make of it all.
 Here we go again! What is "mutual obligation" mean today in Australia?

It appears all the work, knowledge and debates of the past repeat themselves endlessly when it comes to certain topics regardless of the need to address the true cause and outcomes.

Seems the Abbott government will do anything for a headline. Critical is the unpealing of policies made of the previous government and the cost this has to the taxpayer. Worst is the instablity it causes, when they say the budget is at an emergency deficit.
Civic Society led or leading the bigger picture?

What will make a difference?
Some say "clean-up time". Across the world, citizens are being asked to do more ... to "get involved" with their community, to "make a difference", to "participate" for the common good. The problem is however the world is changing at such a fast rate... the lines of what is "good" are becoming increasingly blurred.

Consider the back-stories like; Cambodia's clothes makers being killed after protesting for a pay rise to make clothes for Nike, or the struggles of South Africa miners demand 100% wage increase, or how big business with the support of their governments reject the demand for pay increases in their majority as untenable. Somewhere we need to question the notion of what equates to the push of high living standards, subsistence and where is this so called development out of balance. For all the wrong reasons it is as Australia's Gina Rinehart said, "companies are "running a ruler" over their investments because of cost overruns and low productivity." The problem however is balance... where does it end or begin? Violence has many forms. Structural violence being the very worst is not improving with technology it is becoming a problem to health wherever people are left out as victims to it's impact.

Double Standards: When it comes to democracy there appears to be a confusion between crimes of citizens and crimes of state. Citizens who rise to flag inequalities are in many countries jailed while the practice of governments regarding their actions are more often defended under a gist of "sovereignty" because they are a government.

I use this thought to compare the cases of Edward Snowden to that of Xu Zhiyong. Both citizens are working for change, for "transparency". Both are concerned about what impact individuals holding power have over their communities. Both are made controversial figures within their own communities with governments labeling them as criminals. The problem here is the line between government working for the common good and citizens is blurred. Both these individuals are "whistle blowers" who have sacrificed their normal day lives to do what so many leaders, academics and media savvy citizens suspect or are aware of yet are unable to openly expose or change... especially in the streets where protests appear to have limited effects.

Does this Matter?

As I listened to the US concerns over the 'show trial' in China for the jailing of Xu Zhiyong, I thought of Edward Snowden. I am aware we would not be making the discussions we are about surveillance, corruption, trust and the the power of government and market capital if aspects of information held in such "classified" secrecy had not been exposed by Snowden or Xu Zhiyong. Given recent history... it is unclear without these kind of individuals how on this earth we can we make individuals working within governments and those related environments of market capital more accountable.

In a world that does need to "clean-up" there is something critically wrong. Everywhere we look there is turmoil. The black market is expanding to unsustainable levels as more and more people at the bottom end of societies everywhere at transnational levels come under increased pressure for their own survival. I.E; the Crime net and it's causal links to poverty. Rather then focusing on the 'trickle-up' economic opportunities governments as do big companies prefer to suppress the information that could make the difference, help restore social trust and authentic forms of their own leadership and trust in exchanged capital.

Words alone unfortunately do not appear to work alone anymore less they are sensationalized". Extreme acts on all sides keeps the media printing but the core knowledge is lost as the will to change how we do things is stripped of its key content for the sake power, capital and the saving face antics so easily manipulated now within the realm of combative motives for gathering human "intelligence" .
Website Launched.

It's about time Australia, "as a mature nation, to acknowledge its past, atone for its mistakes, repudiate jingoistic nationalism and move towards a national celebration inclusive of all Australians."

Australia's Curriculum review raises questions over teaching of Aboriginal history in Australian Schools.

Trauma and the reinvigoration of Anzac An argument
by Christina Twomey

Technology companies around the world are asking for changes in state government surveillance ... Google, Facebook and Twitter among top tech firms calling for sweeping reforms to US surveillance

West Papuans tortured, killed and dumped at sea, citizens' tribunal hears
Witnesses to the 'Biak massacre' in 1998
tell of alleged atrocities by Indonesian security forces.

Key Findings of the Biak Massacre Citizens Tribunal
"Good policy is good politics."

Four Part Series:
"Keating" (Classical, Inspiring, Liberating!)

Candid Paul Keating interviews with Kerry O'Brien. Interviews reveal the forces that shaped Paul Keating's ambitions, marking inside stories from Australian political history. The Hawke-Keating combine is arguably the most successful reforming partnership in Australian politics. The Keating Prime Ministership covers a road to the Republic debate, repointing the continent to Asia, the Redfern Speech and embracing Mabo; compulsory superannuation and using the budget surpluses to climb Australia out of recession. ******

Australia's Governor-General Quentin Bryce said she hopes our nation will evolve into a country where people are free to love and marry whom they choose. And where perhaps, "my friends, one day, one young girl or boy may even grow up to be our nation's first head of state," she said

Doing justice to the real stories.
After ten years research, Clare Wright tells a story never before told."The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka" illustrates human life, the importance of social inclusiveness during the Eureka
gold rush period. It includes untold stories of the Ballarat goldfields of the 1850s which were a diverse and fairly orderly community of men, women and children. "A quarter of the population of Ballarat in 1854 were female, mostly young and married with new families; breast pumps were sold in stores, and childcare was provided at dances and balls. There was a baby boom in 1854-55. This book positively domesticates the goldrush."

What Security does is more important then what security is.
Jakarta warns Australia spying could damage trust,
Indonesia may review people-smuggling cooperation with Australia, Australian ambassador summoned by Indonesia over embassy spy scandel. Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa has said that reports the Australian embassy was used to spy on Indonesia were "not cricket," after Australia's ambassador to Indonesia was summonsed by the Indonesian foreign affairs department.

Increasingly acid oceans may bring significant economic losses

Homeless people
have long been a sad but familiar sight in London, and the USA. It is becoming a growing phenomenon across the developed world. WHY?

Where is the democratic world heading?

Additionally - From an epistemological perspective contemporary psychiatry reflects how we, as a society, construct reality.... and how we deal with social issues that impact people under the strain of systemic abuse in todays
contemporary capitalistic world.

The Plight of Syria's Children:
Nothing portrays the trauma and upheaval of Syria’s conflict more clearly than the faces of children, attacked while simply trying to attend school or displaced from their homes into appalling conditions in refugee camps.

Good Interview - Tim Winton and the new novel Eyrie - Has Australia's culture changed, HOW?
Serious Stuff! Critics warn the Trans Pacific Partnership could open the way for the government to be sued by foreign corporations over Australian laws and regulations which disadvantage them. As we consider the consequences it is interesting to consider DOHA and how Big Business Corporations and better-off governments also use these so called trade partnership deals to manipulate the developing world.
Accountability and Fair Trade Call Long Over Due: Nothing is more repugnant then the knowledge of how Big Business overlooks the plight of those children orphaned, families injured, many now left homeless, at the hands of earnings, and comparative surplus made for Western profits. Oxfam and international labour rights groups are now calling on Big W and Target - owned by parent companies Woolworths and Wesfarmers - to take financial responsibility for the fire victims and their families.''All companies that were sourcing from the Aswad Composite Mills company should pay compensation to the families of the deceased, and those injured in the fire,'' said Daisy Gardener, corporate accountability and fair trade adviser for Oxfam Australia.
So  much for the National Budget Emergency!
Australia's new Federal government about to waste taxpayers funds to challenge ACT same sex marriage laws in High Court.
Chief Minister of the ACT Ms Katy Gallagher discusses on Lateline the federal government's decision to launch a legal challenge to the ACT's same sex marriage laws.

All Fingers Crossed for WA recount and Greens senator Scott Ludlam.
Australian Electoral Commission has ordered a recount in the critically tight Senate race in Western Australia.

ALP leader Chris Bowen is right
, George Brandis Australia's Attorney-General [no less] is a 'hypocrite', over expense claim. Worse is the Abbott spin on these kinds of issues considering the vehemence he used on issues like this while in opposition. It makes the mockery of anything the privileged elite have to say on entitlements by comparison to the 99%, especially those homeless, on welfare in this country we call 'fair-go' Australia.
"The importance of being civil: the struggle for political civility". John Hall's new book how inclusive politics on the nature of identity works. Additionally Hall works to understand how the meaning of civility relates to larger social forces both from what we know of the past and now, and perhaps the future. He looks historically at revolution, imperialism, capitalism, nationalism, and war and questions the ways that such elements limit the potential for civility. Find James McGill Professor of Comparative Historical Sociology at McGill University, Montreal discussion with Geraldine Doogue about the content of Halls views on "Civility". Civility - a timely topic for our own political discussion as opposed to what we know as political violence, in all its forms [large and small] which is completely the very opposite of civility.  A lack of civility in its extreme leads often to huge regional instability, where ever it  occurs. Be it local or regional political violence [life is political], through many forms of oppression. As we can see in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, it often starts slow, quitely but can rise to the point of people displacement, where we see large physical movements of people fleeing, migrating, hence the world plight of asylum seekers, including those we classify as economic.

As Australian's, we need to do much more to understand this set of paradigms here in Australia if we are to understand ourselves better, our history as well as those of our neighbors in Asia, Middle East and elsewhere. Importantly a focus on
"civility" opens a conversation as well as a debate by asking us to consider a concept of civility and what is lost without it, both at home and abroad.

Fashion Victims: ABC 4 Corners:
Sarah Ferguson reports on conditions of low-paid textile workers after accident attracted world's attention when the eight-storey Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed in April killing more than a thousand people, many of them young females.

Interview: Sarah Ferguson with Fran Kelly
Enough to make your blood boil! The International Labour Organisation says as many as 10.5 million children worldwide, mostly girls, are working as domestic servants

Australia can't look to a broadband future if it continues to rely on the aging copper technology of the past. That's why an incoming Coalition government must reconsider the NBN, writes Samuel Levy. Additionally so many will miss out being unable to afford the Coalitions connection fee's. [Having lived in a rural area for example, it was only recently homes (such as) in Cooktown were able to afford power-line connections, and there are still homes in outer regions like this that have no power connection because of price. I see this problem with the Coalitions fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) framework, before we consider their wireless fabrications in the reliability.]

Carbon tax debate ‘a sideshow’:
Australians need urgently to "Stop having the wool pulled over their eyes by Big Coal and by timid politicians into believing that we are making some progress—when in fact our contribution to the problem’s getting a lot worse," says Guy Pearse academic and author. Why ask the asking inconvenient questions? | With or without Labor, the future is on our table and for those of us who have worked for over thirty years will not allow this debate to be muffled just because of an accidental hazardous election.

Australia's coal exports impact climate change [Soundcloud website]
Late Night Live

Strategies for addressing climate change. An interview with Mark Diesendorf on his book "Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change".

There is far too little, if any, commemoration of Australia’s war between the settlers and the original inhabitants, historian Henry Reynolds argues. He says that until those conflicts are fully acknowledged, in the same way that our overseas battles have been, reconciliation will never be complete.  | Has Australia the maturity?
‘Pink Sari Revolution’. Women living in Uttar Pradesh, or the 'badlands' of India, are often illiterate, poor and become pregnant when they are in their early teens. Now a grassroots movement of about 20,000 women have come to their rescue. The women, dressed in pink saris, and carrying pink batons, aim to intervene wherever other women are victims of abuse or injustice. Their struggle is called the ‘Pink Sari Revolution’.

Is this a Scoop?  Facebook to host pages of 15 ministers could be viewed in Tehran through a proxy server with local newspapers hinting the move might herald the lifting of some internet barriers.

Indonesia affront on its illegal logging record by  Harrison Ford: Ford, who has supported numerous environmental causes in recent years, has travelled to several places in Indonesia to make part of a series on climate change called Years of Living Dangerously for US television network Showtime.
Seems anything out there is not on the local agenda.
"The not so fantastic plastic"... including products wrapped in plastic creating toxic waste which is polluting the ocean threating the life of birds, turles, and other important to marine life ecologies. Discussion on LifeMatters with Erik van Sebille Physical Oceanographer University of New South Wales, Karen Raubenheimer Operations Manager Surfrider Foundation. Ocean pollution

Massey Lecture's

Neil Turok Director of Canada's Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, previously professor of physics at Princeton and Chair of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge.

Noel Hayman, GP and the Clinical Director, Inala Indigenous Health Service in Brisbane speaks to Bush Telegraph - Why don't we hear more interviews like this one in mainstream media.*******
Bookshow interviews -  Ramona Koval with author Ian Mcewan - "SOLAR". Failure at Copenhagen climate talks prompted Ian  Mcewan to write this novel.

Right Two Books a must read.
Sand, by Michael Welland. Imagine, Sand used to make computers, windows, toothpaste, cosmetics... Sand has played a dramatic role in human history, commerce, and begs our imagination. Audio interview with Michael Welland.Dirt pdf - Ch  1 Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations, by David R. Montgomery. The root of our existence, dirt supports our feet, our farms, our cities. Today, slow but a recent rise of organic and no-till farming gives hope for a new agricultural revolution that might help avoid the fate of previous civilizations.Water Dreamers: The Remarkable History of Our Dry. By Michael Cathcart ||| Book Review by

Soil Degradation Security?


Archive Four Corners: Opium Brides.Reporter Najibullah Quraishi journeys deep into the Afghan countryside to reveal the personal and social devastation the Government's counter-narcotics program is causing. This is a complex issue, and one Australia needs to be "equally" concerned about
Informative is Ihsan Dileri's interview on LifeMatters with Wendy Harmer. Mr Dileri is Youth settlement and project team leader at Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre in Melbourneand who did a 9 month study on the situation of Opium in Afghanstan, trying to look for alternative crops for farmers.

Debunking Medical legalising argument: Need 'amnesty plan or transition program for farmers moving into alternative crops'

Not unlike the 'rear earth' story in the Congo.... this story about Opium and the international role of players is too a MESS! | More



Sexual violence against women
has historically played a part in conflict & war, but a woman's status is a central marker of conflict itself.

Embedded in our need to tackle changing climate are issues surrounding food security, shrinking resources and environmental degradation. All are issues linked by one inescapable fact. "Geography on the Edge."

The increasing amount of dissolved carbon dioxide oceans
is driving fish crazy. CO2 threatens fish's very survival in oceans.  Some 2.3 billion tonnes of human CO2 emissions dissolve into the oceans every year, home to fish and other species, altering their chemical environment. Researchers say, "We've now established it isn't simply the acidification of the oceans that is causing disruption - as is the case with shellfish and plankton with chalky skeletons - but the actual dissolved CO2 itself is damaging the fish's nervous systems."

Beautiful Photos. Sometimes the  only way to reflect a deep felt prayer.

'Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others.'
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Obama showed off his vocal ability.

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