The Rising Tiger bites Australia

Time to be honest, abandon the double standards, the artificial speech-acts that have blindsided reality for the sake of Australia's likeness and dependence on China.

Think about it. If our own elected leaders are told they are not to shake hands with the Dalai Lama because it will upset the Chinese State Government... then I think the story ought to have started there.

As a nation we, as Australians have lied to our national selves, been fickle with ourselves as a public, by using the idea that trade could forever help resolve the pressing moral, political and personal questions we have struggled with regarding a) China's role in the UNSC, b) Chinas coercive international deals made under (so called) soft-power loans and Development Aid. With comparative interest to the absence of EBA. (‘Everything But Arms’ trade-aid related initiatives).

Pivotal, (need I say), that swapping 'Arms for Trade' behind the scenes is not a soft power. Secondly, Trading Arms for the right to legally (and illegally) exploit resources is as serious a the practice of  super-trawl Fish has displaced the livelihood of many subsistence global villagers.

Land economic-grabs, including wherever Trading Arms for the use of the Land, Rare Earths and Minerals are among a wealth of strategic resources that by now has provided China the economic-political international might and power to intimidate smaller emerging nations, as it pillages their potential wealth at the cost of their own local income and jobs. All the while claiming some expedient antic's that we recognise in the 1648 Westphalia Treaty or (Peace Westphalia Treaty) as some have us say.

The truth is China has played the world (big and small) at its own economic and political game. We oversight the parts we want to believe and disregard the rest. Optics, where are the rules, really?

I believe it is time to join the dots Australia. Our identity as a middle power in the Asian Pacific has never been more important. Additionally, it is critical we acknowledge the power and plunder China displays in Africa. I believe it essential to put our eyes back on the ball.

The question being; What does this kind of exploitable future mean for younger generations across the entire globe?

Do we choose to disregard what we can see and know is occurring in broad daylight? 

While Australia, as a developed nation carries-on with words of war, we miss the point. Our self-identity erodes at the cost of a visualised absolute truth. A recognition of an opportunity. The opportunity to become the nation we seek to be. A manufacturing nation, an authentically trustful nation. Thirdly, a smart economic diverse nation.

The fact that China states now that it 'indefinitely suspenses all activities under the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue', is a perquisite toward a clean-up within an international and domestic truth. Admit that Australia has been fanciful about 'how it can chew-gum and walk' at the same time in prolonged reference to friendships, partnerships and or alliance... That our own degree of soft authentic power wanes.

Admit Australia, as we see, by allowing China to come clean first, China got to spell out the capricious substance of past peripheral rhetorics that actually now abstract the nature of failed international diplomacies, exposing for a present, an observed sequence of encapsulated actions, events and motives with an historical context that has led us, as all Australians, to this point.

The test here is to acknowledge “The Folly of Fools,” and make sure that the memory we choose to address has not the power to further trick us. As I said above, it is time Australia to join the dots. Be it Myanmar, Hong Kong or Taiwan we can't ignore Africa and what is going on within the UNSC. If history is our past, we have good reference to help us reshape this change we are all experiencing for the future. My links below are but a brief snippet that underwrites oh but a taste of what I know we are up against. Remember Bob Hawks tears at the sight of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. We all knew those tears and the depth of what they meant and why they were shed.

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