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The Mission

To develop model farms up to 0.25 hectares to grow and produce nourishing, organic, chemical free fresh food crops, to feed hungry, starving and malnourished children, adults and families living in poor communities in The Gambia, West Africa.

The aim is to help build local capacity by providing training and development in Permaculture farming so that these skills may assist in changing and saving lives within the local community.

The Vision

Develop organic, enterprising non-chemical permaculture gardening and farming methods.

Provide FREE meals to the severely malnourished within the local Gambian community.

Work beside and train families locally to establish mini-vegie and fruit tree gardens in their home compounds.

Create self sustaining development projects that can value add in areas of employment creation and advance job opportunities within the local community.

Our Community ApProach

Outlook Farm The Gambia believes in sustainable permaculture, non chemical organic gardening principals.

We are working with school teachers and plan to invite students to our model farms for teaching purposes in the very near future. Integrated within this approach is our life skills, permacultural health strategy where we teach children and families about sustainability methods in hygiene, nutrition and sanitation.

Project Title


We are working to help eliminate malnutrition and associated health issues in The Gambia.

We provide training in Permaculture, organic farming, agribusiness and cooking skills, within the local community.

Our objectives include the promotion and value in micro enterprise development in areas that promote life-quality. These objectives include health, education and advocacy, especially for the elderly, disabled and the poor.

Since the project was first launched in 2015 we have supplied over 35,000 meals saving and changing lives. We currently supply 2000 meals a month and have assisted families with new underwear, medical expenses, beds and bedding.

Our costs will reduce significantly once the Outlook Farms are developed and we have planted more crops for growing our food micro-enterprise networks.

Project Title


To establish model farms in several communities. To operate Food Pantry’s in ways that can provide free meals to the local people who are malnourished. We are using Permaculture farming concepts, as a teaching facility and promoting the value of fresh food through organic farming techniques.

Together, we have started to grow a number of mini-vegie patches which enable locals to grow sufficient fruit and veggies to feed a family of up to six people, three meals a day.

The longterm aim is to help develop capacity, through skills training. This is to create a series of micro enterprises development production opportunities that can provide income in a diversity of ways to help build capacity through skills training, through the production of Permaculture crop production. From the ground-up, we hope to add value to economic ventures like making jams, pickles, relishes, sauces, juices, frozen foods amongst other related food products.

Project Title


So far we have managed to purchased two mini farms and transferred the deed titles to two local Gambian families. Their intention is to develop these farms for food production and as a training facility. A five bedroom home is virtually completed and will be occupied by the owner in early 2020.

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Until now, we have been buying food and supplying basic staples so families have been given a bag of rice and “ fish money” which is cash to buy fruit, vegetables, tea/coffee, sugar, dairy, meats, basic groceries.


Outlook Farm

Building Capacity at Local Ground Level

Building a Team

In The Gambia, Saloum Touray leads the local development process which involves connecting with people who require food and wish to join the Outlook Farm development program. At present his focus is also on finishing building the Housing on the property where he plans to facilitate the on-site organic farm development.


Daryl Jones

Manager Queensland Australia


Saloum Touray

Project Manager Gambia


January 2020

Building the House Structure


Young Girls

Organising the Drinking Water

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