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My House Challenge

Honestly! I am so scared the walls of our house will collapse. I am scared the roof may fall on top of me and my family, during the rainy season.

"I need a House with a non-leaking roof".

As far as I know, The Gambia is progressing slowly, but the problem in many parts, is our citizens have to 'fend for themselves'. Without better services, we struggle hard. Access to concrete, tools, water, or even just a little house paint is expensive. Most people are struggling on close to a subsistent budget.

Above you can see the state of my family's dwelling. We have no power-supply, we get water from a local well and of course cooking food and a lack of income is the key central issue.

Have a closer look

The walls of this house are hardly stable, As you can see the corners will take a lot to repair.

Old House Condition

In The Gambia we call these sort of housing structures compounds.

To buy a second hand compound costs between $5000 (rare) - US$12,000.

A typical example: "Compound for sale, size L33x33 B12x24,,price D700,000(negotiable), water and electricity nearby."

To build a home yourself is extremely complicated. Unless you already have land and, have an official income relative to somewhere near a US or EU wage bracket, the challenge is mighty. More resources can be found on Access Gambia.

On prices for land & housing check out the Jaiteh & Sons Agent on Facebook here.

What do you think?

Good News: Someone donated a little money for concrete to patch up the big crack that you see in the top corner. We are so grateful, but the roof, with the wet season almost here is still not completely stable.

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