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Yes, I am Open For Business

As a new start-up IT consultant, I offer you the following services all at reasonable prices.

Website Design

Domain Names per year are not expensive depending on which service you choose. I estimate a domain name per year will cost between 353d - 705d which is around (US$10-$15)

The building of a simple website can take between 2-12 weeks depending on the web content required.

The steps below map the creative process necessary for building a simple website design.

1. Planning Phase (sketch looks like a floor plan of a house)
2. Design Phase (graphic design - logo, headers etc)
3. Development Phase (converting the design into a webpage)
4. Adding the Text and other Content

The market price for a basic one-three page template will cost around 11791d, (US$250) 

Logo or branding designs will be between 4717d - 70762d (US$100 – $1500) depending on the extent of the branding design you want.

Some prices may vary depending on how much work your web-design requires. This is because additional customization may include; moving and adjusting your logo location, editing the header image or changing key aspects in your overall layout design.

While negotiable, prices for additional work range from 11791d to 35381.25d (US$250-$750) with monthly updates negotiable, based on reasonable rates to meet with your ongoing requirements.

For larger websites, the business market value for uniquely designed multiple page-sets range between $2000, $5,000 - $10000+


Other Services include;

★ Typing @ 1415.25d (US$30) per page

★Business Cards ★Flyers ★Brochures

★Designing Banner's ★ CD Covers

★Powerpoint Presentations ★Multiple Media Package


Besides making an income, my goal here is to help Brikama connect with the whole of The Gambia community.

If you would like to discuss any of my services above, please contact me. I am flexible and I am sure we can always work something out.

Affirmation "Make Things Happen"


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