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I want to talk about sustainable development with everyone, not just in The Gambia but throughout the world. We only have one Planet. The Gambia is small but must do more to reach it's need for Sustainable Development.

Just to blow your socks off, you may want to have a glance at this article from "guess who".

This where we have fun as we look at reality and then compare it to what could be. We need cheaper Internet Access for starters. The best way to involve everyone in sustainable development is actually to link and connect them to their local resources. There are so many things going on in The Gambia & even Brikama (where I live) that we dont know about.

Looking Closely

I grabed this image from the UNEP. I will discuss more about these sorts of things in due time.

Old House Condition

Your Link to the United Nations

www.un.org - Twitter @UN or #UN


UNICEF "Every Woman Every Child"

UN Sustainable Development Agenda

Affirmation "Make Things Happen"

At present, the "Access Gambia" website is the most resourceful directory in The Gambia. It seems if you want to know anything at all about where things are, just go to http://www.accessgambia.com

Find NGO's like the Red Cross Society in The Gambia as well as lots of other information

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